B. B. King

B. B. King


A bronze star honoring B.B. King was unveiled at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center’s Walk of Fame in front of the MSU Riley Center at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 3, 2010. That evening the blues legend himself performed at the Riley Center to a sold-out crowd.

Connie Gibbons, Executive Director of the B.B. King Museum, along with museum board members, Jim Abbott and Dr. Edgar Smith graciously accepted the honor on behalf of B.B. King.  Keynote speakers for the event included Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant; Meridian’s newly elected Mayor Cheri Barry, Arts and Entertainment Board President Tommy Dulaney, Fred Cannon, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, BMI and Hank Florey, President of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors.

B.B. King returned to his home state at least once a year, for the Homecoming celebration in Indianola, where a world-class museum chronicles his life and his music. Having him perform in Meridian on the same day his star is unveiled in the Walk of Fame was an honor for the city that paid him tribute.

At the young age of 89, B. B. King died on May 14, 2015. He will always be remembered and his legacy will live on through his music and the lives he touched.


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