Hartley Peavey

Keynote speakers for the event included Governor Phil Bryant, Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry, Mississippi Development Authority Tourism Director Malcolm White, and Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center Board President Tommy Dulaney.

Governor Phil Bryant recognized Hartley Peavey for his remarkable career and thanked him for bringing music to Americans: “We are the birthplace of America’s music. Without Mississippi there would be no American music and hundreds of millions of people would never have heard that American music if not for Hartley Peavey.”

Peavey was also thanked for his entrepreneurism and the economic impact and employment opportunities he’s provided to Meridian and Mississippi. He was also applauded for maintaining a business for 48 years without changing ownership or management.

Mayor Cheri Barry congratulated Peavey on behalf of the city of Meridian: “Thank you for all your dedication to our city and for growing and building a better community,” she said. “You are the star of Meridian and thanks for sharing your time, gifts and talents!”

Peavey humbly accepted the recognition but said he cannot take full credit for his accomplishments. “What’s been accomplished at Peavey hasn’t been just me,” he said. “A lot of people here have helped.” He explained that his position in the company is to be a “catalyst,” which by definition is something that enhances and speeds up a reaction without any change. He said that his role in the company is to make sure things happen. He referred to himself as a “doer” and a “difference maker.” “I feel good that I’ve been able to have the opportunity to help people grow and make a difference,” he said. “I like to think that we at Peavey have made a difference.”

As the founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics Corporation, Hartley Peavey heads one of the world’s largest and most diversified manufacturers of musical-instrument and professional-audio products, boasting more than 180 patents, a product line exceeding 2,000 products and distribution in 136 countries. Today Peavey is at the vanguard of an industry he first turned on its ear and revolutionized over 48 years ago with his innovative manufacturing advancements and the philosophy of building high-quality gear that musicians could afford. Peavey Electronics has been manufacturing continuously under the same ownership and management longer than any other major American music and pro audio manufacturer.